‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Looks to Book Ariel Elias After Comedian Goes Viral for Chugging Beer Thrown by Heckler


After Ariel Elias garnered online attention for a video of her handling a heckler during a standup set and chugging a beer that was thrown at her by an audience member, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is now looking to book the comedian for an appearance.

A spokesperson for ABC’s late-night program confirmed that the show is “in touch” with Elias and figuring out a date that would fit their schedules.

Elias faced down the situation during a show Saturday evening in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.. During a stretch of her set in which she opened the stage up for a Q&A with the audience, one attendee shouted “Did you vote for Donald Trump?”

“Here’s a question for you,” Elias responded. “Why would you ask me that in here knowing I’m the only Jew in this room? Are you trying to get me killed?”

The interaction continues with the heckler continuing to push Elias on the topic of who she voted for. The comedian eventually attempts to shut down the situation saying, “Alright, make some noise if you want her to shut up.” Shortly after the crowd applauds and Elias returns to her set, a beer is thrown from the audience, narrowly missing the comedian. Elias quickly recovers by picking up the can and chugging the beverage.

Elias later shared some details from the aftermath of the incident on Twitter, stating that the venue plans to file charges against “the guy” who threw the beer and that it has booked Elias to perform again in April.

Jim Gaffigan, Patton Oswalt and Whitney Cummings were among the voices sharing online praise for how Elias handled the situation. Kimmel also offered his own glowing review: “five stars for this flawless performance.” His kudos have now extended to an invite for Elias to appear on his program.

“Can I make my late night debut on your show?” Elias asked in response to Kimmel’s tweet. “Definitely,” he responded.

Watch the video of Elias handling the heckler below.


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