After fitting of braces, Imran will be able to walk: Doctors


LAHORE      –         In view of PTI chief’s departure to Rawalpindi, a team of doctors conducted a medical examination of Imran Khan at his residence in Zaman Park here on Thursday. Imran Khan is scheduled to leave Lahore for Rawalpindi to hold demonstration on November 26. The team of doctors reached Zaman Park to examine Imran Khan physical health. The doctors made the decision to remove the bandages and plasters fromboth legs of Imran Khan. Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s injuries were examined. A team of doctors headed by Dr Khalid Niazi examined bullet injuries sustained by Imran Khan during the gun attack. Dr Khalid Niazi accompanied by team of doctors including Dr Ilyas conducted the detailed medical examination of the ex-premier Imran Khan. The doctors removed the plaster from the leg of Imran Khan. Dr Khalid Niazi, Head of Hope Center for Rehabilitation of Disabilities, Prof. Dr. Sohail Niazi took the size of the braces. “After fitting of braces, Imran Khan will be able to walk again,” Doctor Khalid Niazi informed. Speaking to the media representatives Dr Khalid said Imran Khan’s upper leg wounds had healed. It will take a few days to heal the lower wound where the fracture was occurred. The first plaster has been removed, the second one has been loosened and applied. Informing further, Dr Khalid said that brace will be applied on Imran’s leg on Friday at three o’clock. Imran Khan will be able to travel after getting a brace.


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