Republicans Don’t Care That Trump Spends His Thanksgiving With Holocaust Deniers


The collective response from the Republican Party has been to shrug off Trump’s dining with Holocaust deniers.

Robert Costa of CBS News tweeted:

The Republican Party knows who Trump is and what Trump is, and they don’t care. It is time to put aside the stories of the GOP trying to oust Donald Trump or remove him from power.

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If Republicans were serious about getting rid of Trump, the dining with Holocaust deniers story is the perfect time to mobilize, condemn him, and take action. None of that has happened because the Republican Party is the Trump party now. It has been remade in his image, which means that very few people are going to speak out, and those who do will find themselves out of the party.

Trump is a disaster for the Republican Party. He has cost them three straight elections and continues to do whatever he wants because the former president doesn’t care about the political consequences of his actions.

Democrats have built a coalition. Trump has built a cult, and cults don’t win elections.


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