“10/10 super hot but she knew it” – Rene Dupree on former WWE female star’s attitude


Former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree recently spoke about former Diva Brooke Adams’ attitude.

In 2006, Adams participated in the WWE Raw Diva Search. Although she failed to make it to the final eight, the Stamford-based company hired her alongside other participants, including The Bella Twins.

The 38-year-old spent about a year in the company, during which she appeared on ECW. However, she was released from her contract in November 2007. Following her departure, Adams had a successful run in IMPACT Wrestling, during which she won the Knockouts Championship thrice.

During an episode of his Cafe de Rene podcast, Rene Dupree answered a fan’s question about Brooke Adams’ attitude.

“I’ll just say it like this. She was like a 10/10 super hot but she knew it. I’m just gonna leave it like that. She was hot. Still is,” he said. [26:51 – 27:04]

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Former WWE Diva Brooke Adams is now a realtor

In November 2015, Brooke Adams left IMPACT Wrestling. A few months later, she announced her pregnancy.

In September 2016, she welcomed her first child, Jace. The 38-year-old made a brief return to IMPACT Wrestling the following year. However, she left again in June 2017. In an interview with USA Today’s For The Win in July 2017, the former WWE Diva spoke about her future in the wrestling business.

“I go back and forth with having this huge identity crisis with myself. (…) I think I have that internal battle. At the end of the day, I still don’t know. What if I go back for selfish reasons and I get hurt? What if I can’t care for my son the way I need to? What if I break my neck or become paralyzed? I’m still battling that to figure out what it is I want to do as far as wrestling. Right now, I’m trying to help people get to their fitness goals. Is that my new passion? Can I do both? It’s up in the air,” Adams said.

In 2018, Adams welcomed her second child, Phoenix. According to her Instagram profile, the former wrestler is now a realtor.

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